BMONwords - what content can we generate for you?

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Commissioning a BMONwords project couldn’t be easier.

All we ask for is a minimum monthly budget of £600 and a commitment to 6 months’ work.

We have a selection of content types available, the most popular being:

Product description (typically 200-300 words, £300) – a short piece to bulk up a product page on your website into something more substantial;
Application feature (typically 500-600 words, £600) – a medium-length piece demonstrating how your products or technology can meet specific requirements, perhaps including a case study;
Technical background article (typically 1000-1200 words, £1500) – a longer piece aimed at positioning your company as an authority in its field.

Get the ball rolling and let us know the sort of content that you might be interested in. We'll be in touch with you shortly.